Homeowner FAQ

Flathaus is a marketplace where Interior Designers sell curated renovation finish packages at a price that fits a D.I.Y budget. Customers purchasing a package are granted a license to use the specified finishes in their home renovation project.

Designers curate finish packages based on one of four Budget Categories.

You can 'shop' or 'filter your search results' by Budget Category.

The Budget Categories Are:

$ Budget = $0-$30k 

$$ Budget= $30k-$50k 

$$$ Budget = $50k-$75k

$$$$ Budget = $75k+

-Designers price their own packages, therefore, package prices may range within each Budget Category.

-In general, expect that the package price is approximately 1% of your overall finishing budget (not inclusive of construction costs or project management fees).

-Package prices start at around $195 CAD.

-A package priced at $195 will have finishes that are curated for tight budgets. (for example: ready-to-assemble cabinetry and big box store fixtures).

With the purchase of a package you receive a license to access and use the corresponding Specification Document for your renovation project.

The Specification Document discloses the details needed to locate the finishes in the package.

The Specifications are provided in PDF format.

A license permits the purchaser to use the Specification Document for their residential renovation project.

When purchasing a finish package through Flathaus you are required to accept our License Terms.

Please read our License Agreement carefully.

After purchase you will be given a link to access a PDF version of the document.

Please contact Flathaus Customer Service with any questions you have. 

Email: customerservice@flathaus.com

Absolutely, but you will be required to purchased all the packages that contain the finishes you are interested in.

The mixing of your packages will make your finished result that much more unique! ... We'd LOVE to see a photo of your space when it's complete!

The packages on Flathaus are sold "As Is". No customization is available.

We highly recommend any of our Flathaus Designers! If you are interested in custom design work please contact the Designer directly through their company website.

If you have any questions related to a Designer's Flathaus package, please contact Flathaus Customer Service.

Unfortunately this does happens sometimes. 

If one of your packages contains a discontinued product please contact Flathaus Customer Service immediately. 

The Designer may offer to supply the customer with one replacement product per discontinued product. If the Designer does not offer discontinued product replacement, you are entitled to a refund equal to the original purchase price of the package.

The Designer may or may not have included pricing on their Specification Document.

Product pricing will vary due to Country/ shipping/ duties/ local taxes etc.

Please have your finishes quoted by a trade or supplier near you to confirm pricing.

Finishes are specified by Designers located in different locations throughout Canada & the US. 

- Products may or may not be available for online purchase. 

-To find the product retailer in your area, visit the manufacturers website. 

The manufacturers website will either list the retailers/distributors nearest you, or provide a way to contact their customer service department.

-It is the sole responsibility of the Flathaus customer (yourself) to receive professional advice from an installer/ supplier, in determining the functional suitability of a product prior to ordering. 

-It is also the responsibility of the customer (yourself) to obtain samples from your local supplier to confirm that you like how the product looks in your space, prior to ordering.

-It is not the responsibility of Flathaus or the Designer in determining a specified product's aesthetic or functional suitability in your home.