Designer's FAQ

Flathaus was created by a Designer - for Designers.

Flathaus founder, Leanne, was tired of fielding requests for freebie design advice and discovered she was in good company!

So Leanne came up with an idea that allowed Designers to provide value to these customers without undervaluing the Designer's work. 

Flathaus aims to make you more money and free up your time. No more freebie specs. Instead, "Hey, check out my Flathaus Collection!" The customer purchases your package and the specs are automatically emailed to them. No additional efforts required from you.

Flathaus is founded upon the principal  of creating win-win solutions for everyone.

When we work together as a community of Interior Designers we harness the power of our combined strength, to make a difference beyond the reach of our individual selves.

Also, we're a pretty awesome collective of Designers, be awesome with us!

We require you to have:

- Experience working as an Interior Designer in the residential interior design industry.

- Experience sourcing finishes and fixtures to meet client budget constraints.

- Your professional portfolio as seen on your website or socials should showcase a sensitivity for balanced composition, light quality and artistic flair.    

You are responsible for

- Meeting our application requirements,

- Uploading your finish package with the corresponding specification document. 

- Ensuring your specification document is free of errors, typos or misrepresentations. 

- Rectifying a customer dispute caused by any error, typo or misrepresentation on your specification document.

- Ensuring the products that you are specifying are available and are not about to be discontinued.

- Ensuring you choose finishes or fixtures that are priced appropriately for the level of package you are selling.

- Flathaus does not require you to offer customization options to customers. Packages are purchased "As Is". 

Designers earn 80% on each of their packages that are sold.

(When a homeowner purchases a finish package they are purchasing a license to use the specifications for their renovation project. The Designer maintains ownership of the Design itself).

Designers with packages that have sold will be paid out on the same day of each month.

Flathaus uses electronic transfers to send Designer payments direct to their inbox. 

When uploading your package you will select which budget category your package fits into. This is determined by the level of finishes you have curated.

The Budget Category assigned to your package informs the customer on the budget level to expect when implementing your finishes in their space

Budget Categories Are:

$ Budget = For the tightest budgets. Finishes that are cheap & cheerful.

$$ Budget = Value Plus. Tight budgets with a little wiggle room.

$$$ Budget = Quality assured finishes. 

$$$$ Budget = Luxury living.  The best of the best.

Fill out our online Designer Application . Then click "Apply" to activate your application process.

*Flathaus reserves the right to decline applications or package submissions.

We highly recommend you have your clients permission to use photos of their home, prior to using it to create a Flathaus package.

Your company contact info will not be available on

To create efficiency and help minimize your time involvement Flathaus does not support direct messaging between designers and customers.

Flathaus customers are directed to contact Flathaus Customer Service with questions regarding packages.

If a customer expresses interest in hiring the Designer for custom design services, we will provide the customer with a link to your company website.

Flathaus sells your finish packages as the set package you provide. No customization is offered.

To be proactive, we recommend you check your packages for disco'd finishes every 6 months to a year. 

If we are notified by a customer that one of your packages contains a disco'd product, you will be notified by Flathaus and the package will be taken off-line.

You can choose to supply the customer with one replacement product per discontinued product, or refund the sale. Choosing to refund the sale will result in a debit against your account for the amount that you originally earned from the sale.

You may update the package with the replacment product and re-submit the package.

(This is not an ad) 

There are so many resources available on this subject, but we like this video by Hueguh: Beginner tips on how to set up, take and edit a flatlay image. Link below.


Portable light boxes are available for purchase through Amazon and Adobe Lightroom provides a free app that's easy to use for basic photo adjustments.

Flatlay photo

- Jpeg file format,

- Resolution: 2048x2048 pixel min - 4472x4472 pixel max / 72dpi,

- Remove brand/finish labels from samples prior to taking the photo,

- Full spectrum (think sunlight), indirect lighting.

After/concept photos

- Jpeg file format,

- Resolution: 2048 pixel min - 4472 pixel max / 72dpi,

- Professional photography preferred.

Specification Document

- PDF format

- Branded with your company logo at the top

Once you have been verified and accepted as a Flathaus certified Interior Designer, you will be given access to our Designer Upload Hub. 

There is a brief verification period between submission and when your package goes live. 

You will receive an email to notify you when your package has gone live.

It is the sole responsibility of the Flathaus customer to receive professional advice from an installer/ supplier, in determining the suitability of a product for their application, prior to ordering.