About Flathaus

Flathaus' Beginning . . .

Flathaus.com founder Leanne, an Interior Designer, was amazed by the mounting pile of requests from clients who were desperate for help coordinating their renovation finishes but who's budgets didn't allow for custom finish packages. As Leanne soon found out, her colleagues had been experiencing the same problem: Designers on one side - DIY homeowners on the other, and each seemingly out of reach of the other.

As a firm believer that with every problem there is a solution; Leanne decided she was going to find a way to bridge the gap - connect the two sides - with a win-win solution. A solution where Designers can provide value to their DIY clients without undervaluing their services.


Flathaus Is  . . .

An "e-design" focused marketplace that brings the best rewards to both sides to the Interior Design / Home Renovation relationship. Affordable, professionally curated finish packages for the Homeowner, and for the Interior Designer: passive revenue streams through recurrent package sales.

Flathaus.com finish packages are created by professional Interior Designers all over the country. At Flathaus we believe we can make a bigger impact if we work together and that is our strength.

At Flathaus.com, Homeowners access collections of professionally curated finish packages to fit every room, style and budget. With the purchase of a package the Homeowner is emailed the corresponding Specification Document. The Spec. Document discloses all the product details needed to locate the  finishes in the package. The Homeowner can then conveniently provide the Spec. Document to their contractor, trades people or suppliers for quoting & ordering. No more worrying that the finishes will "flow" or coordinate, and more time & money to dedicate to getting the job done.

So in a nutshell, Flathaus is a premier Interior Design marketplace, bridging the servicing gap between Interior Designers and the DIY community. Flathaus provides a platform for Designers to earn passive income; selling curated finish packages to homeowners at a price that fits a DIY budget.


"In this 'Haus, everyone wins" - xo Leanne