Which Virtual Design Service do I choose?

Doing it yourself - DIY style, doesn’t mean you can’t get help.

Virtual design services provide access to interior design experts without having to hire them full-time, on contract. Not only can you get your projects done, you get them done right, and with the approval from a professional.

When the pressure is on and budget is tight, choosing finishes and fixtures can create stress and frustration, not to mention tension between partners. Sometimes you even end up wanting a re-do when you find out it just doesn’t look like you thought it would. Having access to an interior designer minimizes costs, time, and the headache of a do-over... with the added bonus of you feeling more confident about your choices.

Flathaus’ virtual design services best serve people who feel stuck in their home reno or remodel project and keep second-guessing their design decisions. We simplify your choices with our industry know-how and assessment of your space.

Home renovations are expensive, and mistakes are even pricier. We take out the guesswork by offering personalized advice according to your home, ideas, style and pockets. The virtual design service our Designers offer is called e-Advice.


What is E-Advice?

E-advice is professional interior design advice, on demand - sent right to your inbox!

  • Designers provide their recommendations for your design dilemma based on the information and images you provide during our interactive questionnaire. 
  • Your Designer provides their advice, in written format, directly into your very own private client portal.
  • You can print out your Designer's advice or log in to your client portal for reference on-the-go.

Each tier contains a specific level of service that keeps your unique design dilemma in mind. 

1. This or That is perfect for those quick yes or no questions.

2. Designer’s Eye is great if you need to choose a specific fixture, finish, or furniture piece, and want your Designer to source the perfect product for your space, style and budget.

3. Complex Conundrum for all other design dilemmas. This tier is unique as it includes a pre-recorded video from your Designer, explaining what they would do in solving your design dilemma.

All our e-Advice services include access to a private client portal where you can view past & present services, chat with your Designer, or log in at any time to reference your Designer's advice.

E-Advice is most loved by homeowners who need a quick answer and want advice they can refer back to.  


E-Advice Tiers:

1. This or That

    Do design choices keep you awake at night? Our Designers will solve your yes/no dilemmas or help you pick the right sample from your pile. You’ll receive written advice with an explanation of the Designer’s choice and why it works for your space.

    Perfect for design dilemmas like:

    • "I'm thinking of doing a stainless backsplash behind my stove, is that a good idea?"
    • "Should I choose polished or matte finish for my quartz countertop?"
    • "Which of these two paint colours will look best in my space?"

    Print the advice or reference it online. We store your questionnaire and your Designer's advice in your Flathaus client portal, so you can refer back to it anytime.

    2. Designer’s Eye

    Designer’s Eye is suitable for homeowners who know what they like but need help choosing the right product. Your Designer will source the perfect product for you, and present you with two options to suit your space, style, and budget. If you have a Pinterest board or an idea of what you like, but don’t know where to look or what to look for, this is for you!

    This tier includes all the things we love about This or That plus the ability to message your Designer with any clarifying questions, up to 5 days after your Designer submits their advice.

    Perfect for design dilemmas like:

    • "Here's the Pinterest board for my kitchen remodel. Can you provide me with two tile options that will work for my backsplash?"
    • "I need help picking wall sconces for my bedroom. Here are images of light fixtures I have in my hallway and bathroom. I want the sconces to compliment the other light fixtures. Can you pick two sconce options for me to choose from?"

    3. Complex Conundrum

    The Complex Conundrum is our most popular service for good reason. With this service your Designer dives deeper into your style and requirements to provide the most comprehensive design advice, and bring beautiful solutions to your dilemma. A pre-recorded video from your Designer, in addition to their written advice, make this the ultimate package. 

    Homeowners who thrive on in-depth advice appreciate this service.  If you value the extra connection to your Designer, this is for you.

    Perfect for design dilemmas like:

    • "I only have $10k and my kitchen needs a quick fresh. What would you recommend I do to get the biggest bang for my buck?"
    • "I have an awkward space and need help with my furniture layout."
    • "I'm opening up this closet space, adding a stacking washer dryer and some Ikea cabinetry. How should I layout the cabinetry to maximize storage?" 


    Your Designer will get you un-stuck & feeling confident with your choices!

    Basically, we suggest e-advice for those with a singular design dilemma who want their Designer to provide timely advice in a documented manner, so it can be referenced at any time in the future. 

    The beauty of our interactive questionnaire is that it's so easy and so fast. As soon as you select your service the questionnaire begins. We guide you through the process and ask you for all the details your Designer will need. 

    As soon as the questionnaire and payment are complete we connect you with the Designer you requested or we make your best match! You can expect to hear from your Designer within one business day.  

    We hope this provides you a solution to any worries you have about your DIY home projects. If you are ready to ease your mind and proceed with confidence, request an e-advice service. Get the design advice you need to start or finish your home improvement project.

    Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about our services, the process, or our Designers. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in making your house your dream home.


    As always, happy designing!! xo