The Meaning Behind the Name - Flathaus



The Meaning Behind the Name - Flathaus

Flathaus. Where did the name come from? Let’s break it down into two, just as how it was named - flat and haus.

Flat  was inspired by the beginning of a home improvement project, when you’re at ground zero. Your design is conceptually "flat". At this stage you might be looking at your floor plan on a piece of paper, or your Pinterest board on a screen. There's very little to your design at this stage.  As you begin working through what your design might look like it’s in a 2D state, a flat ideation; whereas, as you build or construct your final project your design starts to take on it’s 3D state. It’s implemented and visualized. Ta-Da!!!. But, let’s go back to where your design is flat, at the beginning... That’s where I saw homeowners needing design advice and where Flathaus Designers come in. It's here at the beginning where Flathaus connects you with expert design advice for a beautiful home improvement. 

There's also a term in design, and in photography, called a flat lay. Often an Interior Designer will collect finish samples, lay them out, stacked, layered one on top of each other. When you’re taking a photo of the finishes looking straight down from above you’re creating a flat lay image. Designers create flat lays to tell a story - to show how the finishes flow and coordinate with each other as you move from space to space. This is a valuable part of the design process when considering your finishes, which of course happens at the beginning, before construction, when your design is still "flat"

Haus. This was easy… House just didn’t look right, and there was a tendency to want to read Flat House as two words when spelled this way. I wanted a smooth sounding, single-word name for the platform, so I used the German spelling of house - haus - to create a more elegant looking name. Simple as that, with Flat & haus framed together, Flathaus was named!

What will Flathaus do for me? Simply put, we make professional interior design advice more accessible and affordable, empowering homeowners to confidently create beautiful spaces. We get you answers to your design questions with our e-Advice services. Our Interior Designers can advise on anything from paint color, to coordinating finishes, light fixture placement, furniture arrangement, fireplace mantle styling, bathroom layout, how to get that Pinterest look, or even budget management. You name it, and a Designer will advise on it! 

What is e-Advice? e-Advice is a new term we made up. A more recognizable term is e-Design but, that's synonymous with purchasing a complete design for an entire room. Our e-Advice services are more flexible and focused on solving individual questions or dilemmas. Our platform provides access to Interior Designer feedback here and there, as you need it; because sometimes all you need is an answer to a quick question. We let you take the lead and be in control of your own project, but we’re always here when you need just a little extra expertise along the way.

Thanks for stopping by & happy designing,

xo Leanne