The Golden Ticket to a Successful Home Makeover.

Maybe you've been here before: renovating your home, and stuck in a design challenge you can’t find your way out of?

I don't have enough fingers & toes to count how many customers have found themselves painting multiple sections of their walls, desperately wondering which undertone makes more sense in their space...

If not a Which paint color works best? scenario, it may have been: Which backsplash tile do I love and won't get tired of? or What's the smartest way to solve my storage issues? It could be one of a million possible design dilemmas that pop up when embarking on a home makeover, or simple room refresh. 

In the world of home improvements, navigating this-or-that scenarios may, on the surface, seem easy. But, the deep frustration of living with a design choice you can’t stand is beyond tough. The impact of making costly mistakes or decisions that don’t turn out the way you thought they would can last a short lifetime. When you make one...well, it’s dang tough to trust yourself the next time you’re faced with a design decision.


Beyond the analysis-paralysis of the challenges that pop up throughout the renovation,

Design decisions also create some pretty aggressive pinches:

  • Timelines tighten as scope and schedules expand,
  • Finances are stretched as the unexpected cause budget creep,
  • Energy wears thin (you’re thinking about it ALL.THE.TIME.)
  • Tensions rise between you and your partner, as you discover you have very different ideas about how the room should look.

Staring down these should-have-decided-yesterday decisions has been a solo endeavor for so long; backed by a multitude of differing opinions gathered from Pinterest, influencers, family & friends. Tailored insight from a credible Interior Designer, providing the confidence to pull the trigger on that striped carpet or paint the exterior of your house a different colour, has been just out of reach for most homeowners. 


As an Interior Designer, seeing my services beyond the reach of so many... I knew there had to be a better way. When I couldn't find one, I created one.


Designer on Demand is an e-design platform that connects you with your own vetted, professional Interior Designer, who then helps you solve your design challenge. Our goal is to remove the worry that clouds your decision making, as your Designer empowers you to confidently make decisions that move your project toward completion.


What’s it all about?

I created Designer on Demand with the intent of making professional design advice more accessible for people renovating their own homes; to make renovations less stressful, fill them with ease and avoid costly mistakes or long-lasting regret. That being said, Flathaus' mission is also (most importantly) to provide equitable e-design solutions for both Interior Designers and Homeowners. The added bonus... not only are you receiving personalized, expert advice for yourself, but you're also supporting the top talent within a community of independent Interior Designers, and their small businesses. 


Here’s how it works:

  1. You're working on a home improvement project and you find yourself facing a design decision, unsure of what to pick or how to proceed.
  2. From your desktop or phone, pop open Flathaus' Designer on Demand 
  3. Determine which service suits the solution you seek. 
  4. Click ‘Submit My Design Challenge’.
  5. Our friendly chatbot (Betty) prompts you for details about your challenge, allows you to upload photos, and passes them to the design team.
  6. You’ll hear from your Designer within one business day! Your challenge will be greeted with a strategic, expertly-informed solution that allows you to confidently move forward & take the task across the finish line.

Because no two renovations are alike…

...and everyone seeks help in different ways, Designer On Demand offers three tiers of support. You pay only for what you need. No minimum hourly rates, contracts or booking weeks in advance. Here are the different ways we can help you out:


This Or That - $39

Facing a yes/no dilemma? This Or That is perfect if you’ve got colours or tile samples to select between and you want expert insight into which one to go with (and why).

You’ll receive:

  • A thorough review of your style, images and details.
  • A comprehensive email outlining your Designer's advice, including full explanations.


Designer's Eye - $79

Need a couple ideas on how to give your space a face-lift that are congruent with your Pinterest board? Or, need your Designer to source your flooring for you? Your Designer will present you with two solutions that will best suit your space, style & budget.

You’ll receive:

  • Everything from "This or That"
  • 2 solutions, ranked by 1st and 2nd choice
  • Images of recommended product
  • Product sources


A Complex Conundrum - $149

Some solutions benefit from extra attention. This package includes a 15 min. video call with your Designer. This is perfect for advice on cabinetry layout, deciding where to place pot lights, or recommendations on how to update your space on a budget.

You’ll receive:

  • Everything from "This or That"
  • 15 minute video or phone call with your Interior Designer
  • A sketch to support the Designer's advice.
  • Images & sources of any recommended product


    Satisfaction—and a solution to your design challenge—guaranteed.

    Your happiness, confidence and success in solving the challenge your facing matters most to us. We do everything in our power to make sure you walk away with advice that you’re excited about, and that sets you up for success!


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    Thanks for supporting small businesses & happy designing!
    xo Leanne

    Founder of Flathaus, Interior Designer, Wife, Mom.


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