Our Interactive Questionnaire - What to expect

Our Interactive Questionnaire - What to expect

You find yourself needing an e-Advice service because you’re facing a design dilemma and are in need of advice from an Interior Designer…but how do you submit your questions, details, and images to your Designer?

I’m going to walk you through our interactive questionnaire so you know exactly what to expect in order to get the best advice and gain the most from your experience.

Once you decide which e-Advice service you want - This or That, Designer’s Eye, or Complex Conundrum - make your selection and our questionnaire will automatically begin! Here’s what you can expect:

Our interactive questionnaire will welcome you and fill you in on three must-knows:
  • Your progress will be saved. If you need to pause and come back later, just return to the same device you were previously using.
  • At any point, you can click the "re-do" arrow icon next to the answer you want to change.
  • During the session, you can order as many e-Advice services as you need. Details and images relating to each service will be collected one at a time. For example, if you have 2 This or That questions and 1 Complex Conundrum, you can sort all of these out in one chat session rather than restarting the questionnaire for each one.

Then we start collecting all the details and images your Designer will need to provide you the most thorough recommendations for your design dilemma:


1: Which design styles are most appealing to you? 

(You can select up to 4 answers.) 

Choices include: 

Modern, Traditional, Transitional, Eclectic, Boho, Mid-Century Modern, Farmhouse, Industrial, Minimalism, West Coast Contemporary, Beach Cottage.


2: What colour preferences do you have for this space? 

(Fill in your answer: i.e. Off-white walls with navy and gold accents.)


3: Where do you prefer to shop for furniture, fixtures, or renovation finishes? (local vs. online, big-box vs. local specialty shops) 

(Fill in your answer as applicable: i.e. Ikea, Wayfair, West Elm, Restoration Hardware, Home Depot, Frank’s Flooring…)


4: What room is your design dilemma located in? 

(Fill in your answer. i.e. Kitchen.)


5:  Upload photos, floor plans or drawings of your space. 

  • At least one photo should show the overall space (zoomed out). 
  • A total of 1-4 photos is ideal. ( File size 25MB max.)


6: Which level of e-Advice do you need for this design dilemma? 

Choices include:

  • This or That - ($49 - Facing a yes/no dilemma that's keeping you up at night? Do you have multiple samples you're having trouble choosing between? Your Designer will tell you which one works best in your space, and why.)
  • Designer’s Eye - ($149 - Designer's Eye is perfect if you need a Designer to source a specific finish or fixture for you, like a backsplash tile or a light fixture. Your Designer will present you with 2 options to choose from, both expertly chosen to suit your space, style & budget.)
  • Complex Conundrum - ($249 - This is our most popular service and includes a recorded video from your Designer, featuring all of their advice. Perfect for design dilemmas like: "I need ideas on how to update my kitchen within my tight budget." or "What's the ideal furniture layout for my living room?" and so many more!)


7:  Explain your design dilemma? What is the design decision you're having trouble making.

i.e. "I need help choosing my exterior paint colour. I have an idea of what I like and some inspiration images but I am scared to make the wrong choice. I have some paint swatches I'm considering but not sure if they are quite right. The current trim colour is Cloud White and the front door is going to be Moon Blue. I need a Designer to help me pick the perfect paint colour for the exterior of my house."


8: List any dimensions that might apply to your design dilemma. 

i.e. lengths of each of the 4 walls & ceiling height, furniture widths and depths, sample sizes available. 


9: Is there anything you've already considered but decided against? 

This is helpful for your Designer, as they don't want to suggest anything you already know won't work for you. (i.e. We've decided not to remove the bulkhead because it’ll blow the budget.)


    10. What’s the maximum dollar amount you want to spend? 

      Your Designer will ensure their advice suits your budget.


        11. Will you be doing the work yourself or hiring someone? 

          (i.e. I will do the painting myself but will hire an electrician.)


            12. If you have a Pinterest board that shows your style inspiration, paste the URL below. (You can leave this answer blank if you don’t have one.)


                13. Do you have specific inspiration images that show the 'look' you're going for?

                  These images help your Designer understand your style expectations. (Select Yes or No.)

                  If Yes - Upload inspiration photos. (Please allow upload to complete before moving on. 25MB max file size.)

                  If No - Continue to the next question.


                    14. Do you have images of furniture, fixtures, samples or products that relate to your design dilemma? 

                      If Yes - Upload photos. (Please allow upload to complete before moving on. 25MB max file size.)

                      Tip: Take photos in daylight if possible. Full-spectrum sunlight will show colors more accurately.

                      If No - Continue to the next question.


                        15. Do you have another design decision you need help making in this same space?

                          If Yes - We will lead you back through the questionnaire, starting with “What level of service do you need for your next design challenge?”

                          If No - Continue to the next question.


                            16. Do you need help with a design dilemma in a different room?

                              If Yes - We  will lead you back through the questionnaire, starting withWhat room is this design decision located in?”

                              If No - Continue to the next question


                              17: Great! We're almost done. We just need your contact information. What is your first name?

                              (i.e. Leanne)


                              18: What is your last name?

                              (i.e. McKeachie)


                              19: What is your email address?

                              (Double-check for errors as this is how you will receive communication). (i.e. me@example.com)


                              20: What phone number can you be reached at?

                              (i.e. (555)-555-5555)


                              21: Do you have a specific Designer you'd like to request? If not, our Design Team will make your best match!

                              Write in the name of your preferred Designer or simply type "Make my best match!"


                              And that’s it! You’ll automatically be redirected to our secure checkout, where all of the e-Advice services you selected/talked about have been added to your cart. Simply enter your payment information and submit! Shortly after your payment is processed, your Designer will receive your order.

                              Keep an eye on your inbox (and 'junk mail' just in case) for an email from us, inviting you to create a password for your Flathaus Client Portal. Your Client Portal is where you can chat with your Designer and where your Designer will post all their advice and recommendations. You can expect your Designer to connect with you within 1 business day! 

                              We hope this helps you feel extra prepared to tackle our questionnaire - contact us with any questions about our questionnaire, services, or Designers; we’re here to help! We look forward to freeing you from your design dilemmas! 


                              xo Leanne